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Aging Sites - General
A Primer on Aging
An article on what aging is about, how to slow it down, and how to accommodate it. Books and videos on aging and anti-aging, plus links to other sites on aging.
AAOS On-Line Service
American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Public information area includes material about arthritis, osteoporosis, scoliosis, total joint replacement and the prevention of back pain and broken hips.
AARP Research Center - Health and Long-Term Care
Information, research results and policy insights about access to health care and long-term care; financing care, benefits and services; Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance; managed care and consumer protection; advance directives and ethical issues; malpractice, fraud and abuse.
Action for Healthy Aging and Elderly Care
The Novartis Foundation for Gerontological Research. Areas of interest to physicians and researchers, other healthcare professionals, and patients. Weekly news updates from Reuter's Health Information. Patient area topics include impaired mobility and nutrition. The Ask the Expert forum is free to view, but does require registration if you wish to participate.
Administration on Aging
Comprehensive information and resources on aging.
Health and drug information specific to seniors including online senior drugs reviews of commonly prescribed drugs for the elderly.
Aging Issues Message Board
Forum on the process and affects of aging.
Aging Research at U. Tx. Health Science Center at San Antonio
GRECC, AREC, Positively Aging, Nathan Shock Center
Aging Research Centre (ARC)
Recent aging related articles.
Aging-PA: Aging Information for PA
Aging information for Pennsylvania with links to long term care, educational programs, senior health sites, and other important issues.
American Museum of Natural History - Aging
A brief overview on aging, the human life cycle and longevity from an anthropological point of view.
Anti-Aging Programs
How to preserve quality of life by taking better care of yourself
Anti-Oxidants Slow Down Aging
New research from The University of Florida.
Australian Geriatric Society
Fairly extensive links to elder care in Australia
Avoiding Slips, Trips and Broken Hips
Supports the ongoing UK Department of Trade and Industry campaign on falls prevention aimed at older people in the home.
CBSHealthwatch: Senior Health
Resources, information and tools for seniors.
Center for Aging Research and Education
Describes this non-profit organization which is dedicated to conducting research and educating aging Baby Boomers on a variety of health-related and financial topics.
CMRI- Medicare Information
Information on Medicare for beneficiaries, their families and providers.
CNN Health News for Seniors
CNN and WebMD present information and health news for seniors.
ElderHope, LLC
Provides information, inspiration, support, links and book recommendations to the elderly, their caregivers, and the bereaved.
Elderly parent care handbook
How we can best help our aging parents? Resources, contacts and the ebook Parent-Care Handbook
FirstGov for Seniors
Includes information on health conditions, medical coverage, and offers links to state resources.
Gerol: Aging Newsletter
On-line newsletter on aging, with discussion forums.
Health Interactive
Weekly articles on health and aging. Topics include: aging, diseases, nutrition, mental health, wellness, prevention, health tips and alternative medicine.
HealthAnswers - Senior Health
The Senior Health Center on is the premiere information source for information regarding aging on the Internet. With up-to-the minute senior health news, links and information, articles, news releases and videos relating to aging gracefully, medicine and other senior health issues.
Healthy Aging
Site discusses diverse age-related issues,including illnesses, exercise, marriage, and supplements.
Healthy Aging Campaign
National, ongoing, health promotion designed to broaden awareness of the positive aspects of aging and to provide inspiration to adults, ages 50 plus, to improve their physical, mental, social and financial health.
Index of /2000/HEALTH/aging/
Year 2000 CNN articles on aging.
Sponsored by the nonprofit (AFAR), this provides the latest research-based information on healthy aging.
Provides research-based information on a wide range of age-related diseases, conditions, issues, features, and news.
International Year of Older Persons 1999 U.N.
'Towards a society for all ages.' United Nations/Division for Social Policy and Development.
Keiser Institute on Aging
Information on the enhancement of older adult wellness by changing the perceptions of aging and improving the quality of life.
Latino Gerontological Center
A private, non-profit organization, devoted to improve the quality of life of Hispanic seniors and their communities. - Aging
Information on strokes, osteoporosis, arthritis, growth hormone deficiency, Alzheimer's disease, death and dying, and palliative care.
Mental Health and Aging
This site will assist older adults and their families in obtaining appropriate mental health and aging services, and teach them how to advocate to get their needs met.
National Institute on Aging (NIA)
The NIA is one of the National Institutes of Health. It promotes healthy aging by conducting and supporting biomedical, social, and behavioral research and public education. Topics addressed include: menopause, exercise, alzheimers, and cardiovascular diseases.
Our Senior Years Health Topics
Articles on multiple health concerns for senior citizens, written by doctors and nurses.
Pfizer for Living
Offering personalized articles, health management tools and health information. Requires free registration.
Phrma: Publications: Patient Assistance
Lists drug companies that have free medication programs. If you click on a particular company you can access eligibility requirements and contacts.
Articles on common health conditions in senior citizens.
Research into Ageing
This national registered charity in the UK furthers medical research in healthy aging at universities, hospitals and medical schools. Current research programs, newsletter, fundraising and links. Free pamphlets. "Exercise for Healthy Ageing" book and "More Active - More Often" video available for purchase.
Senior Gold
A directory and information service, specialized to the demands of the senior's community.
Senior Health
Listings on physicians, nutrition, drug trials and caregiver support for seniors.
Senior One Source
The magazine written for those of us with elderly parents, caregivers, or whoever is interested in learning more about the products and services available to us as we mature. We also offer travel, recreation, and health maintenance information.
Senior Wellness
Offering important,useful, and up-to-date health and wellness information for seniors and their caregivers.
Senior's Health
The senior's part of C-Health, a health and wellness center including articles and user forums.
Seniors Resource Guide
A guide to senior services and resources on healthcare providers, housing options, emergency services, community resources, and professional articles on aging.
SeniorWorld Online
A directory of health, fitness, and nutrition for seniors.
Staying Healthy at 50+
AHRQ consumer information on ways people age 50 and older can stay healthy, tips on living habits, to help prevent disease, screening tests, and immunizations.
Texas Senior Law's Health Resources For Seniors
Health resources for senior citizens.
The Geriatric Institute
Geriatric medicine, geriatric psychiatry, ethical dilemmas when dealing with the elderly, a comprehensive Canadian geriatric resource library, for those involved in gerentology. Password required for certain areas of the site.
The Gerontological Society of America
Multidisciplinary society for professionals in the field of aging. Focuses on promoting the scientific study of aging.
The National Advisory Council on Aging
The NACA is a Canadian federal government organization.
The Patient Education Forum
The American Geriatrics Society. Aging FAQ.
ThirdAge Health
Starting point for people over 40 for information about a healthy life and life style.
U.S. Consumer Gateway
Aging and eldercare links. Information topics include Hearing Aids, and Health Care.
When Does Someone Attain Old Age?
The Ohio Department of Aging, Senior Series. SS-101-96.
Health, medical and social information of interest to the elderly.
Zurich Care Solutions
Offers practical advice and insurance products to the elderly and their families.

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